Short project story:

Demon Skin, the ultimate name of the Indie game. This game was originally called “The Forging Destiny HROFT”. Further, into the development, the name was alternated to “About Savior Hunter (A.S.H.)”.

Denis Listov, an enormous admirer of “Blade Of Darkness” and “The Elder Scrolls”, came up to create this game, fulfilling all your imaginations with satisfying battles and an epic adventure.

Throughout time, the project was getting substantial and more advanced. To implement it, the Ludus Future Company was created, which united professional enthusiast developers (Animator, Level Designer, 3D Model Designer, Sound Designer, etc.) to bring the original ideas to life and further improve the game.

We aim to leave a print in the history of video games. Our passionate hearts and eyes, and the support of our community help us continue and advance.

Denis Listov, a huge fun of Blade Of Darkness and The Elder Scrolls, came up with the idea of the game with satisfying battles and an epic fantasy story.

As time went on, the project was getting bigger and more detailed. Denis was a sole developer at this point.

In February 2016, Denis started to search for people to work on the project. Early on, Denis had to pay from his own pocket (he had to get a loan and to sell his car), but the development process was very slow. Gradually, enthusiasts that liked the project were joining his team.

And this is how our core team was formed.

The game was originally called The Forging Destiny HROFT. About one year into the development, the name was changed to About Savior Hunter (A.S.H.). And now we have the final name for the game - Demon Skin.

We are a team that wants to leave a mark on the history of video games. Our burning hearts and eyes, and the support of our community help us not to give up and move forward.

In this video you can see how the project changed over time.


Roy is a member of the Orden of Wanderers. He battles evil creatures from different worlds.

Members of the Orden are mighty Heroes that can scare away Death. That's why they live for 500-700 years.

During one of his adventures, he finds the Chaos traces, hidden in a secret passage between worlds. Roy is a lone warrior. That doesn't stop him from annihilating evil monsters.

A Portal emerges and there is a call to all Chaos servants. Roy starts chasing them and jumps into the Portal.

The village is cruelly attacked by three warring factions: Demons, Chaos and Necromants.

The Hero notices that someone is trying to awaken the Ancient Crystal that must have been hidden in the village. Roy feels pitiless Evil in the Artifact, so he decides to destroy it.

He fights his way to the location and jumps at the very end of the Awakening Ceremony. A beam from the skies touches Roy, not the Crystal, turning him into a demonic being and killing everyone around.

However, someone steals the Artifact. We need to find him because only that person can help us to survive and turns us into a human. Roy can feel now that he is a part of the Crystal and inside of hime is a strange rage. We need to find out ourselves what will be next.



Hack n Slash - Fighting game - Single player platformer with RPG elements.


Stance when the Hero is exhausted

Attacks for each stance

Attacks when the Hero is exhausted

Enemies are with their own personality and behaviour. The Hero feels like a living being.

Lively fantasy world – a lot of things happen in the background and effect the gameplay.

A peculiar reaction / block combat system. Player and Enemies have three stance levels.

To block a hit you need to switch to a right stance

There are many ways to deal damage: Running Strike, Backswing, Jump Strike, Weapon Throw and hitting a lying enemy. Every weapon type has special attack moves.

If enemy's health is lower than 30%, the Hero can use finishing moves with a right stance

If enemy's health is higher than 30%, the Hero can hit with his head, hand and leg.

This may sound complicating but it is actually fun and easy to do.

The Hero has 3 main indicators to level up: the amount of damage done, health, and stamina bars.

There are more than 40 weapon types in the game that are divided into two classes – slashing and blunt weapons. Swords and axes deal great damage to enemies with flash: zombies, gnomes, ghouls, and minotaurs. Hammers and maces are effective against skeletons, stone golems, armor spiders, and mechanical creatures. Unique weapons have special super attacks.

There are various Artifact Weapons, hidden in secret locations.

They offer special magic attacks that can kill a few enemies in the snap of a finger. For example, the Star Sword and the Star Hoof Hammer.

We set our sights on adding ranked PvP battles to choose best of the best. There will be interesting quests for 2-players. Standing together, you will complete various dungeons, castles, and abandoned villages. You will have the opportunity to go straight to Hell and cut to pieces a few bosses.

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